Planet Apes is a series of American science fiction media; Consists of films, series, and comics that focus on juggling control between intelligent monkeys and people. The first film franchise was released in 1968, around 54 years from the current year. Since then, franchises have weighed a lot in creative culture. After the success of the film in 1968, there was a creation about 4 sequels. This sequel will cover under Planet Ape (1970), escape from the Planet of Apes (1971), Conquest of the Planet of Apes (1972), and Battle for the Planet of Apes (1973).

The ape planet has an in -depth effect on viewers; And this article is trying to guide beginners in enjoying franchise experiences.

monkey planet Watching according to the time line

Rise of the Planet of Apes – Released in 2011, this film shows the origin of intelligent apes who plan to govern the world in further films. The film watched the experiment of a scientist William Rodman who aims to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is testing the drug at the chimpanzees in the Gen-Sys lab.

Dawn of the Planet of Apes – Released in 2014, the film course was arranged around 10 years after the event of the increase in the ape planet. This film watched the drugs used to increase the intelligence of monkeys; Also has side effects, flu, in the human population, which can cause the main eradication of the population.

War for Planet of Apes – Released in 2017, planned in a few months after the Dawn of the Planet of Apes released. As mentioned in the title, this film shows armed confrontation between humans and monkeys. This film is determined as the conclusion of the main character, Caesar.

Planet of the Apes (1968) – Film, which started everything, was released around 50 years earlier. This is the original film that revives the sequel further. The ape planet begins with 3 astronauts landing on an unknown planet during their efforts through stars. Now it was found that this planet was originally owned by humans now governed by apes.

Under Planet Apes (1970) – The first sequel to the film shows the story of one of the three astronauts, the one who is survived at this time, Brent. This film shows Brent won to the forbidden zone; And find a species that is similar to his, but mutated, worshiping a deadly tool.

Escape from the Planet of Apes (1971)-The third film released in a franchise drama around the end of the film which is rather conclusive below the ape planet, where long distance destruction is seen. It watched two monkeys using Taylor devices to travel to 1973; When the destruction of this planet begins to prevent the same thing. This story further leads to focus on Dr. Zira and her husband with their unborn children when they tried to escape from the ape planet.

The conquest of Planet of Apes (1972) – Children Dr. Zira, named Caesar, Caesar is the only intelligent ape on this planet which was finally arrested on the rebellion.

Battle for Planet of Apes (1973) – This film ended a conclusive franchise.

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